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Working from Home Using ROSA Technology

As we all adapt to working from home, there are a lot of different challenges we face on the ergonomics front. The Rapid Office Strain Assessment (ROSA) is a robust technology, that enables companies and individuals to identify productivity and efficiency challenges.

ROSA has been a popular tool for the last ten years – adapting to the new normal, ROSA technology had to change & accommodate the work culture shift. This webinar will feature new ways to:

1. Evaluate office workstations

2. Identify what risk factors exist in work set ups

Presented by Mike Sonne, Vice President, Innovations & Research at MyAbilities Inc.

Mike has a history of introducing technologies to automate ineffective processes in the ergonomics industry.  In 2010, Mike developed the Rapid Office Strain Assessment – a method for conducting self-guided, office ergonomics assessments, and tracking risk throughout entire organizations.  

Implementation of ROSA resulted in reductions in workload for on-site ergonomists, reductions in musculoskeletal injuries in workers, and improved ergonomics throughout workplaces.  Since then, Mike has helped develop global standards for assembly lines, established thresholds for repetitive work, and provided models for the evaluation of muscle fatigue in complex workplaces.  

Mike is an adjunct professor at Brock University, and the University of Ontario Institute of Technology, and continues to publish in peer reviewed journals and hold research grants through MITACS and CRE-MSD. 

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MyAbilities Inc. is a partner of DSI Work Solutions, leader in Work Injury Management and Prevention Systems.

Dr Mike Sonne VP Innovations & Research, MyAbilities
Dr. Mike Sonne

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