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Rob LazzinnaroRegistered Dietitian with Constant Health. 

Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE) & a Certified Bariatric Educator (CBE)

Rob Lazzinnaro has been practicing as a dietitian since 2011, graduating with a Master of Science in Human Nutrition as well as a Dietetics from McGill University.  While working on his master’s thesis he developed an interest in diabetes & obesity research after analyzing the effects of a westernized diet on Cree communities in James Bay, Québec. He went on to work as a diabetes educator, then as the director of nutrition services at the Bariatric Medical Institute, one of Canada’s premier medical weight management centers.  He currently works as the Lead Dietitian for Constant Health. His focus remains in diabetes education and weight management. 

You’ll learn all things about:

  • Nutrition Routine
  • Planning 
  • Balance

Staying Healthy During Covid19 - Key Nutrition Tips 

Staying Healthy During Covid19

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Designed by medical experts, Constant Health combines the best of today’s nutrition and habit forming apps with one-on-one attention, accountability, and care from real healthcare professionals. After careful study of scientific, peer reviewed studies that looked not only at how individuals lost their weight, but also how they kept it off for five years or more. Constant Health leverages clinical expertise with the latest research in weight management, disease prevention, and behaviour change.

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