The Growing Importance of Webinars​

The Growing Importance of Webinars- Blog
Roshan Vijayraghavan

Roshan Vijayraghavan

YVO Marketing & Communications Network Inc.

The past decade has seen a rise in communications channels; consumers have lot more choices to absorb information from, leading to more control over the buying process. Multichannel marketing is more important than ever as consumer behaviour and decision-making processes change.

To stay updated with an everchanging landscape of marketing tools and techniques can be overwhelming. Budgets are limited and marketing channels are aplenty. There is a clear inclination from marketers towards content and inbound marketing and webinars have emerged as the most effective tool to educate a mass audience and tell the business story, especially if your audience is spread across the world.

What exactly are webinars? Webinar is a video conference over the web, that facilitates communication through video sharing between attendees. They can be used to engage with customers and prospects at a larger scale. By conveying once self, companies can build like minded connections and potentially build lasting relationships. They can also be used for trainings, address customer pain points and leverage the platform to showcase how a company can resolve customer issue. Webinars can also serve as a platform for virtual user forum for customer/delegate meet. Its an effective and powerful way of getting your message across, a go to tool for most marketers.

The true power of webinars lies in the ability to leverage audience participation through opinion sharing and converting that into a magnet for companies and brands to attract, convert prospects and retain existing customers. No doubt, webinar is beneficial for brand building, and serve as an ideal tactic in converting audience to valued customers.

Let’s take a look at some webinar advantages. The very first advantage is that they are economical when compared to traditional conferences, seminars, and sales meetings. Although webinars can be live, current platform facilitate pre-recording and scheduling which allows for creation of content, polls, and other engagement tools beforehand, leaving time for marketers to focus on engaging and answering questions and queries during the sessions. Webinar material can be used as to create articles, slide, and e-books, extracting more value from a webinar.

Often companies limit the use of webinars to showcase latest products and promotions. This often leads to disappointment. Companies need to acknowledge attendees are investing time, hence its imperative to ensure the content is substantial and captivating not just a sales pitch. A well-designed webinar strategy, which includes a SEO strategy can serve as a vital communication & engagement tool and an efficient sales driver, all while creating meaningful connections and guiding attendees through the path in becoming a company valued customer.

Companies are striving hard to find new ways of standing out in a crowded and noisy social landscape, especially during these unprecedented times, webinar has emerged as a valuable asset in a marketer’s armory to communicate, connect, engage, and convert audiences.  Webinars are here to stay.


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