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Health & Wellness

We’re exposed to various healthy eating options, and popular diets.  There’re innumerable interesting forms of exercises to follow.  These diet and exercise choices seemingly make it tough to sort information and adapt a healthier lifestyle. 

Engage with experts in nutrition, health & wellness and share your experiences through interactive webinars that help you make a healthier decision for better living. Being safe and healthy is far more important today than ever. 

Animal Nutrition is a key to their optimal health. 

We bring latest news from regulatory bodies on Guidance & Regulations about Animal Drugs & Animal Nutrition. 

Veterinarians play vital role in public and animal health. We intend to collaborate with Professionals in this industry to share vital knowledge and tips for animal care & pets.

Nutraceuticals and Food Science

Both Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical and billion dollar industries and often confused with each other. Nutraceutical, is part of food that provides medical and health benefits. It is often used as an alternative to pharmaceutical & is largely popular in the category of dietary supplement and food additives. 

Food and Nutraceuticals together is a powerful technology.  Dietary fiber, prebiotics, probiotics, protein powder etc, are few examples of this technology.  

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