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Webinars are the most successful inbound marketing tactic at creating high value leads. We work with you in getting the webinar form at right for your specific needs to create a ton of value for your audience. Exponentially increase the possibility of your audience becoming your valued customers.

YVOMNC is an information and knowledge sharing platform that goes way beyond social connection.  Established in May 2020, by team of digital marketing, webinar production and CRM professionals located in Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada. 

Our services include live webinars, virtual conferences and professional development & training. Share your success stories or simply demonstrate your product & services to expand your reach.  

Create meaningful business opportunities through shared insights. 

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How Are We Different

Leveraging the latest trends and industry insights, YVOMNC focuses on building a profitable business community for you. We bridge the knowledge management gap in the market and provide access to, and establish a meaningful connection between companies professionals, and their clientele.

Our 360 degree webinar marketing & engagement plan  is tailored to match your product and services with the need of changing times.

How We Help

YVOMNC builds a pivotal and credible connection between our client and the audiences, with an extensive market research, at both the micro and macro level. We connect the dots to highlight products, services, and knowledge through authentic and reliable information shared by industry influencers and subject matter experts. Build a robust webinar & marketing campaign with us to help you meet your lead generation goals.
Through webinars, capitalize on insightful market opportunities in a productive and proactive manner, giving you an edge over your competition.

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